// WINTER TOUR 2018 // Farewell Dear Ghost //
FILMED by Farewell Dear Ghost, EDITED by Philipp Szalay

// Farewell Dear Ghost x China Tour 2017 //

a short film by Franziska Seifner, Isabella Strehlau, Marcus Zöberl

PRINCE OF SAIGON // Farewell Dear Ghost (Official Video)

ART DIRECTION, SET DESIGN, PRODUCTION: Mia Meusburger, Ege Kökel, Lisa Hofer & Isabel Prade // CAMERA: Karin Faltejsek // MAKEUP: Ina Mangold

PINK NOISE // Farewell Dear Ghost (Official Video)

DIRECTED by Martyna Trepczyk and Nicola von Leffern // Video produced by © APESFRAMED // Supported by öst. Musikfonds

HOLLYWOOD DREAMING // Farewell Dear Ghost (Official Video)

DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: Franziska Seifner & Isabella Strehlau


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